Broughton Place Farm

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Beautiful Farm in the tranquil hills of Upper Tweedale.

About the Farm

Broughton Place Farm is one of the most beautiful farms in the Scottish Borders, situated just north of the village of Broughton in Upper Tweeddale. Turning off the A701, the approach is up a fine avenue of mature beech and lime trees, planted before 1799. when all the fields were enclosed, and mostly lined with trees. Typical of upland farms in this area, there is a flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep on the hill, and another flock of Mules in the fields. Less typical is the Rare Breed stock that is kept on the farm, including a small flock of pedigree Wensleydale Sheep, Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs in the woods, and a collection of Scots Dumpy and Scots Grey hens.

Peter and Jemima Elliott are working hard to maintain and repair the traditional farm buildings, modernise the cottages, and diversify the output of the farm.

They actively encourage public enjoyment of the farm with the John Buchan Way, a public footpath from Broughton to Peebles, going up through the farm, which is very well used. At different times of the year, there are hill runs around the marches, public rides, and sponsored walks. Every weekend there are bird watchers and photographers following their passions, while the range of farm animals brings many local families on to the farm.

Broughton Place Farm Broughton Place Farm Ducks

Farm Heritage

Broughton Place has an interesting history, being the home of Murray of Broughton, who was Private Secretary to Bonnie Prince Charlie, and is notorious for turning Kings Evidence. His tower house burnt down about 20 years later. Lord Braxfield (Robert MacQueen) owned all the farms in the parish of Broughton, plus some more, by the end of the eighteenth century, and on his death each was recorded and mapped. Broughton Place Farm was the most ‘improved’ with all the fields enclosed. Another generation and a model farmhouse and steading was built across the main avenue.

In 1919 Professor and Mrs Elliott came camping up Broughton Glen on their honeymoon, with a horse and trap. 15 years later they bought the farm, and commissioned Basil Spence to build them a splendid Arts and Crafts residence on the site of the former tower house. The stables cottages and garages were built at this time for staff accommodation to the very highest standards.

Professor Elliott was an eminent physician, but it was Mrs Elliott who threw herself into Peeblesshire life and in 1956 she took back the farm in hand and ran it with the help of a grieve and a shepherd.

After her death in 1975, her children sold the big house, which was partly run as a successful gallery for many years, while retaining the farm, and renewing many of the hedges to with native species to encourage a diversity of wildlife.

In 2011 her grandson, Peter Elliott inherited the farm, and with his wife Jemima, has set about modernising the farming operation, improving the cottages and diversifying the businesses.

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